Hello, I'm Rachel.

My personal journey with TRE® began during my recovery from an intense period of work-induced stress and burnout. Since then I have been amazed by the myriad ways in which TRE® has changed and improved my wellbeing and life. 

As a practitioner, I have offered TRE® to individuals and groups in busy metropolises in the UK and Australia, and the world-renowned Sanctuary Resort on the tropical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. 

I believe passionately that anyone overwhelmed by the intensity of modern life and work should know about TRE® as a tool for self-care and restoring balance. I am a committed facilitator for others in their process of letting go of deeply held trauma and returning to their natural state of calm, vitality and joy through greater connection to the body.



Photography by Mark Rutherford.

© 2019 by RACHEL ILETT TRE® Practitioner

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