''I teach your workforce a simple, cutting-edge method for relieving stress that they can take away and use at home, helping you to optimise performance and retain your best people'' - Rachel Ilett 

Health and wellbeing at work


In 2015-16 there were 488,000 reported cases of work-related
stress, anxiety or depression

77 per cent of employees have experienced symptoms of poor
mental health in their lives

This is for your company if you are:

  • Concerned that stress is affecting your people’s performance

  • Worried about losing staff due to stress and burn out

  • Work in a pressured environment but are aware that your employee’s current stress levels are not sustainable long term

The impact:

  • Your people are empowered to manage their own stress levels so they avoid meltdown at work

  • Your employees are better equipped to be focused and present when at work and they take less time off work due to stress and stress-related illness

  • Hold on to your best people, lower your spending on recruitment fees, and gain an advantage over your competitors when recruiting talent

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